Gaining an Edge in Procurement Bidding

Building a Partnership

In today’s competitive market, customers are all searching for the best prices. Whether it’s a person shopping at the grocery store for food or the federal government looking to replace couplings at water treatment plant, the better bargain product usually ends up being purchased. It’s easy to see that in today’s market, the consumer has many options and places to go to for their necessities. And with the various manufacturers offering nearly the exact products, the cheapest product gets purchased first. In order to be competitive, manufacturers, distributors and representatives must alter their old methods of going direct by taking advantage of preferences offered by procurement customers.

Bistrich, Inc. is a woman owned small and local business in the Los Angeles area. We help provide the edge to manufacturers, distributors and representatives by offering our SLB preferences when they decide to quote through us. In most procurement bids, SLB companies are given a 10% preference which gives significant advantages to large companies that would compete against each other.

Rather than working in competition with large companies, we provide a partnership. By providing us competitive pricing, we bid along side or instead of the large companies. If we are the lowest bidder and are awarded the bid, we extend our purchase order to the company that quoted us. This gives manufacturers, distributors and representatives two chances to win the bidding with their pricing either direct or through us but the advantage is we receive an additional 10% preference in case some other manufacturer with a similar product bids as well. Either way, the large company gets the purchase order amount they bid with and quoted us.

Today’s technology advancements allow manufacturers to create products that are very equal to the requested manufacturers on procurement proposals. The procurement customers primarily care about the bottom line pricing and if something can be alternated for what was requested, they will choose the cheaper product. We also partner up with manufacturers, distributors and representatives that offer alternative products that will meet specs of the requested items. This partnership is very advantageous to companies who want to bid in the procurement realm with their alternate products.

Bistrich, Inc.’s extensive knowledge of the procurement system and our upfront and honest business practices have built a strong presence in the LADWP procurement arena. We provide our partners with information to help us be more competitive. If you are interested in working with us and finding out for yourself how we could provide you with an edge in procurement bidding and overall in all aspects of business, contact us today.

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