Bistrich, Inc. is a private Consulting Group based in Los Angeles, CA with global experience, skills and expertise in Marketing, Energy, and Management consulting on electrical power distribution products, services, technology and corporations.  Each Bistrich, Inc. associate has obtained higher education levels through accredited universities.

  • As marketing consultants we advise our clients on the best “marketing mix” and strategies for selling their products or services.
  • As energy consultants we work with our clients to identify and understand the various options that are available to provide safe and reliable power supply at the most cost-effective price.
  • As management consultants we help our clients improve their work-force performance through the analysis of existing business problems and cultures, and the development of effective plans for improvement that account for productivity, transparency, and accountability throughout the organization.
  • As technology consultants we help our clients to remain up to date on the most current technologies available by implementing the newest tools into their business.
  • Our experience and cognizance of the electrical industry (key manufacturers, go-to-market channels, and end-users) and its “best practices” is unrivaled, as we also work as manufacturers’ representatives (agents) and support OEM and EPC companies to write product and equipment specifications, and supply products to a variety of customers (utility, public power generation and industrial OEM and/or end-users) for their projects.